Daisy's Daisies



This is a great plant. It's very healthy and will brighten up any room.


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Plant 1

Big cacti

grown from babys


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Plant 2

Baby Cactus

san pedro


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Small Native New Zealand Plants

Small Native New Zealand Plants

  • Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium): Known for its beautiful tea tree flowers and medicinal honey.
  • Pohutukawa (Metrosideros excelsa): Known as the New Zealand Christmas tree.
  • Kowhai (Sophora microphylla): Famous for its bright yellow flowers, which are a favourite of many native birds.
  • Totara (Podocarpus totara): A large evergreen tree that can live for over 1000 years.


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Cabbage Tree

Cabbage Tree (Cordyline australis)

The Cabbage Tree, also known as Cordyline australis, is a versatile and striking plant native to New Zealand.


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San Pedro Cactus

San Pedro Cactus (Echinopsis pachanoi)

The San Pedro Cactus is an impressive, towering species native to the highlands of Peru and Ecuador. It is admired for its ornamental beauty, rapid growth, and resilience.


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